Whisper 4.0 - Overview, Efficiency, Reliability

Whisper 4.0

Imagine having the complete overview of the efficiency of every single machine in your factory – in real-time. How about the work order that came from the ERP system this morning? The batch was estimated to be ready tomorrow at 10pm - are we on time? If not, why? And do the items produced meet our quality standards?

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A small black box gives you all the answers

The Whisper 4.0 Production Monitoring Solution is a small “sniffer-box” that can be mounted on your machines in less than 10 minutes. We only need to drill two holes and connect two wires to connect it to our monitoring system. The box is compatible with any kind of production machinery, no matter of age, brand or type. Inside the sniffer-box is a simple tick counter monitoring the machine. Is it running or not? How many items does it produce? That information is sent real-time through a wifi connection to a server that compares this real-time production data with the production time estimated by the ERP system. Now you are able to see if that specific batch will be finished in time. Or more precisely, the systems calculates the probability of meeting the deadline, giving you a chance to adapt along the way, change plans, re-allocate resources etc.

Intuitive visualiation and interaction

Intuitive visualiation and interaction The data from your machines, collected by the Whisper 4.0 sniffer-boxes and forwarded to the Whisper 4.0 monitoring system is displayed on robust touch screens in an easily understandable and intuitive manner, e.g. a speedometer or traffic light indicators, for quick overview. Do the machines run? How do they run? Are they not running? Why not? What does that cost me? Does the quality of the products meet our requirements? How many faulty items have to be scrapped and why? Are we using all the 8.766 yearly production hours at our disposal?

Increasing equipment efficiency

As you well know, the single biggest investment of a manufacturing company is its equipment. So what could be more important than making your machines run as efficiently as possible? For that you need data. Whisper 4.0 gives you the transparency you’ve always craved for. You can’t get that from your ERP - administrative ERP systems are not designed for real-time production monitoring. And the majority of software solutions for in-depth production monitoring are typically very complex and expensive and designed for large production facilities. Whisper 4.0 provides you with that overview on a smaller and more affordable scale, but still giving you all the vital data. And it’s focused on simplicity, giving you exactly the information you need to boost your factory’s Overall Equipment Efficiency.