Extrusion and reaction


Planetary roller reactor technology for various applications

Planetary roller reactor technology for various applications Andertech represents Entex Planetary roller reactor in Nordic countries. Entex have many functionality and it is not just an ordinaire extruder. Entex have continuous process where you constantly switch between your prescriptions without stopping. The process that runs straight stable on loading it 100% or even 10%. Since the temperature plays a huge roll in manufacturing of different application, Entex technology allows you to control very exact temperature of the product. Entex process makes the step of the manufacturing less and very easy because of the many different functions it maintains. And superior dispersion, flexibility in output and low energy consumption. Entex Processes Reactors functions: Cooling, Mixing, Kneading, Heating, Frozen, Melting, Burn, Temperature, Control, Pelletizing

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Polymer processing solutions

Andertch is distributor for Nordson. Nordson are experts in polymer processing solutions and have crafted systems used worldwide to melt, extrude and pelletize polymers. Nordson is able to create custom polymer machinery, including extrusion dies, screen changers, fluid coating systems, gear pumps and coextrusion feed blocks, to meet your process requirements. Nordson polymer processing team leverages more than 200 years of collective corporate experience in the plastics industry to produce a full range of precision melt stream products — from screws and barrels to filtration systems, pumps, and valves for extrusion and injection molding — to the dies used to create film, sheet, coatings and pelletizing systems to meet the constantly evolving needs of the polymer industry.

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